Handmade Olive Baby Soap with Calundula


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Barcode : 684910991933
Ingredients List : Saponified Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Calandula in Sunflower Oil
Country of Origin : Made in the UK
Net Weight : 135gr

Handmade Olive Baby Soap with Calundula – Saponified Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils

Gentle Care for Delicate Skin: Embrace the Soothing and Nurturing Qualities of Our Handmade Olive Baby Soap with Calundula Enriched with Calendula


Experience the tender touch of our thoughtfully handcrafted Olive Soap, meticulously enriched with the nurturing essence of Calendula. Specially designed for delicate baby skin, this soap is tailored to offer a soothing and gentle cleansing experience, leaving your baby’s skin feeling refreshed, moisturized, and naturally soft. In this article, we explore the unique attributes of our handmade soap, highlighting the benefits of Calendula for skincare, and the reasons why it’s an essential addition to your baby’s bath time routine.

Calendula: Nurturing and Calming

Celebrated for its nurturing and calming effects, Calendula serves as a natural emollient that gently moisturizes and soothes the skin. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it helps to promote skin health and maintain a balanced and tender complexion. The inclusion of Calendula in our handmade soap aims to provide your baby’s skin with a nurturing and calming treatment, ensuring that it remains soft, supple, and naturally luminous with each use.

Crafting Your Baby’s Bath Time Ritual: Using Our Handmade Soap

  1. Wet: Wet your baby’s skin with lukewarm water.
  2. Lather: Rub the Handcrafted Olive Soap between your hands to create a soft lather.
  3. Massage: Gently massage the lather onto your baby’s skin, allowing the soothing properties to envelop and cleanse.
  4. Rinse: Thoroughly rinse your baby’s skin with water until all traces of the soap are removed.
  5. Pat Dry: Gently pat your baby’s skin dry with a soft towel, allowing the moisturizing benefits to seal in the tenderness.


Our Handcrafted Olive Soap, enriched with the nurturing essence of Calendula, offers a gentle and soothing experience for your baby’s delicate skin. With its moisturizing and calming qualities, this soap invites you to embrace a moment of natural care and tenderness, ensuring that your baby’s skin remains pampered, supple, and naturally soft with each use. Elevate your baby’s bath time routine with our exquisite handmade soap, designed to provide your little one with the delicate care and comfort they deserve.

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