Deodorant – Orange and Patchouli


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Deodorant – Orange and Patchouli

Upgrade your morning routine with a natural deodorant stick – your new go-to natural deodorant, packed with plant-based, skin-loving, eco-friendly ingredients. Our deodorant sticks are 100% natural, aluminium free, paraben free, plastic free, eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan, suitable for both men and women, and safe for the whole family. It is completely free from harmful chemicals, aluminium salts and preservatives and provides effective, all-day odour protection from just one application! Kingdom Kreations unique skin-conditioning blend of plant oils, unrefined butters and pure essential oils keep you feeling fresh, smooth, dry and smelling divine all day long. Choose from a range of gorgeous odour-busting scents, with ingredients that get straight to work, leaving no residue – only gorgeous smelling pits.
Aluminium free
Paraben free
Cruelty free
Plastic free
100% Natural

“Orange and Patchouli” is a unique and refreshing combination for a deodorant scent. Patchouli, with its earthy, woody aroma, is often associated with relaxation and grounding, while orange provides a bright, citrusy note that can uplift and energize. Together, they create a balanced fragrance that can appeal to a wide range of preferences.

This deodorant blend could be particularly appealing for those who enjoy natural, botanical scents with a hint of sweetness and depth. Patchouli is also known for its potential antibacterial properties, which can help combat odor, making it a practical choice for deodorant formulations.

When combined, orange and patchouli can evoke a sense of warmth and vitality, making it a great option for both men and women who appreciate refreshing and natural aromas.


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